The Mandate of NATMO are as follows:

  1. Compilation of National Atlas in English, Hindi and other regional languages with timely updating.
  2. Preparation of School Atlases for all educational boards that provide accurate and standard base information for knowledge gain.
  3. Preparation of State Atlases and other special atlases.
  4. Generation of thematic maps and standardization of thematic information.
  5. Mapping of natural resources for assessment towards sustainable socio-economic planning at district level.
  6. Large-scale mapping and development of digital cartographic base for utility-based services.
  7. Providing geographical education and training to visually impaired and low vision society through maps and atlases.
  8. Management of comprehensive geo-informatics products for the service of the Nation through web portal.
  9. National and international cooperation on multidisciplinary geosciences through collaborative programmes.
  10. Providing unrestricted map service to all sections of the society.
  11. Other activities entrusted through the Administrative Ministry from time to time.

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